Service & Mechanical

Our inhouse mechanical technicians are trained and certified to help diagnose and repair mechanical problems.

Heating & A/C

The coolant system in a vehicle is designed to keep the engine cool and prevent it from overheating. The system is also used to warm the inside/cab of the vehicle.

When you turn the A/C on in your car on a hot day, have you ever wondered where the cold air was coming from? In part it comes from the refrigerant inside the system. The compressor and condenser push the refrigerant gas through the system, changing temperature and drawing warm air from the cabin while pumping cool air inside.

The One That’s (Probably) In Your Car Right Now

Type #1: R134a

In most cars that are on the road today, R134a refrigerant makes the A/C system blow cold on hot days. Selected for its low flammability and safety, as well as because it’s kinder to the environment, almost every car built since 1994 is equipped with R134 refrigerant.

The New Hotness

Type #2: R1234yf

R1234yf was chosen to replace R134a in all new cars by 2021. Some manufacturers have already made the switch, or the switch is in progress.

red honda sedan getting routine maintenance at Mid-Valley Auto Body

Alignments, Suspension, & Brakes

Wheel Alignments

It’s important that wheels and tires are aligned. If they aren’t, you could be damaging your tires and affecting the vehicle’s handling characteristics. If the suspension is out of alignment, there is uneven pressure on the tires that can cause your car to work harder on the tires than it needs to.


Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two.


A braking system plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of the vehicle and its occupants. It allows the driver to control the vehicle’s speed and bring it to a safe stop when required, preventing accidents and collisions.

Vehicle diagnosis scanner on steering wheel of car


Auto diagnostics is the digital analysis of a vehicle’s systems and components to diagnose problems. These can range from faulty sensors and worn spark plugs to serious engine problems. We identify issues with the car by connecting a computerized diagnostic tool to the vehicle’s onboard computer. The data from the diagnostic tool helps us accurately pinpoint the problem and determine how to repair it.

Benefits of Auto Diagnostics

Auto diagnostics allows us to detect problems before they become disastrous and costly, saving our customers time and money. Auto diagnostics also checks the vehicle’s onboard computer for stored information or manufacturer notifications that help our technicians properly repair vehicles.

In most cases, we apply the diagnostic fees towards the repair cost if we end up doing the work. Otherwise, we provide our customers with a detailed recommendation and price.

Vehicle diagnosis scanner on steering wheel of car

Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is designed to minimize the risk of breakdowns and increase vehicle uptime. Some common examples of preventive maintenance include oil changes, checking spark plugs, examining hoses and filters, as well as careful inspection of a vehicle’s chassis, brakes and overall engine health.

Vehicle diagnosis scanner on steering wheel of car

Heavy Duty Lifts

When it comes to trucks and larger vans, heavy duty lifts are a must. Our lifts are designed to handle even large loads with ease, ensuring safe and efficient maintenance for your vehicle. 

Vehicle diagnosis scanner on steering wheel of car